Music Feeds Premiere

Music Feeds Premiere

Canberra-based hip-hop artist KG has built a career on inspiring hope and positivity through his music, and his latest track ‘Come Along’ is no different.

Enlisting the help of Sydney based Mirrah and her beautiful vocal delivery, ‘Come Along’ is a testament to the unmistakable power of a positive attitude. To match that, the rapper has dropped an equally as bright and vivid music video.


Happy Mag

Happy Mag

Clear, unapologetic and fresh to no end, Black Boy by KG hammers home politically charged and insightful messages relating to race and identity in Australia.

With over 500 live shows under his belt and having supported acts such as Lupe Fiasco, Black Milk and Ice Cube, it’s hardly surprising the young artist has cemented his place as a storyteller and potent lyricist.

While previous single Mabo, Martin, Mandela drew attention for its tribute to black leaders from history, Black Boy elicits a whole new response. Purposeful from start to finish, the track balances a depiction of what life can be like for people of colour with a sense of determination to overcome discrimination.

Bolstered by a deep bass line and commanding vocals, the single draws attention to issues such as false stereotypes and the absurd APEX gang hysteria, while a charging call to action is seen through passionate lyricism.

“Get up and get it, there’s no time for excuses. We’re generations behind, let’s make up for lost time. See what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours but if we hustle together no one can stop the voice.”

The single treats audiences to a taste of KG’s forthcoming album. Due for release later this year, the record will continue on with an exploration of the artist’s family’s history, apartheid in his birth country and the often-polarising rhetoric around racism in Australia.

KG’s new sound is uncompromising and staunch in its vision. For this reason it’s worth at least one listen, if not twenty.

 You can catch KG on the live circuit at one of the dates listed below.

May 11 – Mojos Bar, Perth – Details
May 12 – Settlers Tavern, Margaret River – Details
May 18 – The Chippo Hotel, Sydney – Details
June 2 – The Penny Black, Melbourne – Details
June 9 – The Flaming’ Galah, Brisbane – Details
June 16 – Mr Wolf, Canberra – Details

KG @ Spiltmilk 2k17

KG @ Spiltmilk 2k17

We're super-proud to announce that joining a bustling bill featuring Lorde, Illy, What So Not, Vance Joy and more is the inaugural winner of our Spilt Milk x Unearthed competition: KG.

The Canberra-via-South Africa rhymer will be reppin' Unearthed when he opens the ACT festival, going down late November, showing off his politically-tuned bars and raw talent. 

KG (real name Kag Ratlhagne) has had a pretty productive year so far. Working out of the studio of fellow Canberra MC/producer Citizen Kay, he released the fiery civil rights inspired track ‘Mabo Martin Mandela’, featuring a guest verse from former Unearthed NIMAs comp winner Philly.



When you hear Mabo, Martin or Mandela - do you know the stories behind the names?

It wasn’t until Kagiso "KG" Ratlhagane, a youth worker (and MC), was discussing defying moments in history amongst a group of children, when he realised almost none of them knew of the strong black people who shaped the battle for equality across the globe.

“I work with a lot of underprivileged kids. We were talking about history and none of them knew who Eddie Mabo was. That really shocked me because this is such an important person in Australian history,” Kagiso said.

“They also didn’t know who Martin Luther King was, or Nelson Mendala… It’s a shame because these are kids, are almost adults and have access to knowledge in this technological age.”